welcome! i’m arden. you may know me as @jonismitchell on tumblr. i’m a high school student who loves russian literature, old sitcoms, and joni mitchell’s blue. this is nowhaunting, a newsletter whose title is a veiled reference to ‘you say i killed you—haunt me then’ from emily brontë’s wuthering heights. often i post my vague little musings; thoughts on art and life. i’d love to have you come along with me.

a bit more about me—i want desperately to move to london, england. i have a cancer moon, which might explain why i’m like this. i love sad songs by women and old books on college reading lists and in the mood for love, a film that holds a special place in my heart. i’m serbian by heritage, american by birth, and canadian by accident. i ride the subway all the time, scribble poetry in a diary that i’ve kept for months on end, and cannot use significant figure rules right. i hope you’ll stick around.

when i decided to wage holy war
it looked very much like staring at my bedroom floor
but, oh god, you're gonna get it
you'll be sorry that you messed with me
— florence welch, girls against god

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reflections from a teenage melodramatist


lover of literature and sad girl music